Sewa ( everything is alright)

Sewa (work in progress ...)

The idea of this series originates from my interest in learning, as well as exploring the elements and traditions that come from ancient cultures, which are kept alive to this day.

In this series I've used objects from the Dogon culture, as well as other African cultures to; through self-representation and body language, establish a symbiosis between what these objects represent to me, the culture to which they belong and how I can react to them.

I’ve conceived this series as a "justification" to start an investigation on the origin and meaning of the objects used in the construction of the images, which are in principle within my domestic environment for thereunder, feel, reinterpret and go on an imaginary journey.

To give title to this project, I appropriate the Dogon term 'Sewa', which means that everything goes well, this is a widely used expression within this people which characterized by a constant search for harmony, as a way to recall the constellation of family, social and community factors that unite them.

In the protocol greetings exchange which takes place on daily basis, everyone asks about the health of the family, the village, animals, fields ... always getting by answer: "SEWA".

Basically I intend to use simple and visually harmonic compositions to structure my photographic proposal.

Through this work, I do not intend to build a document in the form of a descriptive prose, but through the use of the scenery and self-representation, to create a visual poetry which allows the viewer to have different readings of my proposal, but always in function of the history associated to the objects.

Beyond the tangible of the scenes presented, I would like to continue this journey in Africa within the original context, continue my research in the field, in order to get to know and understand the history of the different countries, ethnicities and cultures that conform the African continent and its legacy.

Jorge Luis Alvarez Pupo
Oct. 2011