Youssef Boughanem, Warrior spirit

Youssef Boughanem is a Nak Muay with a formidable track record, "luck" brought me to meet him. It was more or less nine years ago I visited the XTC Team Aïssa in Brussels to begin the portrait of the young boxer Younes Lek, when suddenly the coach Mohamed Aïssa introduce me to Youssef, and said he was a Muay Thai champion who lives in Thaïlande ...

We simply greeted each other, I asked if I could follow him during his training as part of my documentary project on Thai boxing which I intended to portray about fifteen Nak Muay in Europe and Thaïlande; he immediately agreed.

I must confess that; back then I had set a pace in which my goal was to get to know the life of each boxer while I was doing the job, and trying to accomplish this goal a little "from a distance" and in the shortest period of time. possible (one week, maybe .....).

I've been able to meet and work with him several times since after our first meeting, during all this period we saw each other every day, it was rich, I discovered a great champion, but not because of his fighting record or possible pretension, but because of his humble spirit, his philosophy of life as a warrior.

He's dream become a reality and up to date he've conquered the WBC Muay Thai Middleweight World title, successfully defending it several times; he's been also Lumpinee Stadium Middleweight 160 lb Champion; Rajadamnern Stadium Middleweight 160 lb Champion; as well as Omnoi Stadium Middleweight 160 lb Champion.

A young man who left everything behind to follow a dream; since then he has overcome severe physical injuries as well as the wounds of life.

I just met someone who've learned to "leave the wounds behind", and keep fighting.