This project is part of a never-ending search for answers related to my identity and family ancestry.

A process that included hours of conversation with my ancestors, as well as a whole fieldwork which led me to meetings with several anthropologists that helped my researches and also countless visits to the communities of Haitian origin which were created in Cuba during slavery, bringing with them a rich cultural heritage from West Africa.

I create a universe in which I mix self-portraiture with an iconography through which I try to use a metaphorical language inspired by the rituals of faith used to “connect” with the spiritual world, but also highlighting key elements within these cultures, many of which have as their backbone the love and respect for nature as well as for the ancestors.

This project is the fruit of my interpretation of family stories, of my own dreams, but also inspired by what I’ve read in some fables which were initially written for children, but that have shaped the way knowledge and wisdom are shared in certain African cultures through oral tradition.

Self-portrait is a tool that has helped me throughout the creative process to connect directly with the story I want to tell, not only from the aesthetic point of view of the idea that I have visually preconceived, but it makes me an active participant of it.

The intense dark tones on my images do not seek to emphasize my ethnocultural origin but just to hide what I don’t want to be seen. Like secrets that are not meant to be revealed, as well as the unknown, but also leading the viewer to focus just on the very tiny details I want the attention upon.

The conception process is rather a kind of “journey” which has allowed me to begin to understand, accept, adapt as well as respect both who I am and where I come from, in order to better assimilate the unknown.
The Way Beyond

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The Way Beyond

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